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In writing and self-recording I strive for the grit of Lou Reed, the painful honesty of Elliott Smith, and the vibrant orchestrations of Surfjan Stevens, but clearly I’m doing something wrong, as you would have heard of me by now if I actually sounded like those people. Despite whatever musical shortcomings I may possess, my musical career has taken me from Hotel Utah and Silverlake Lounge on the West Coast to Middle East and Bowery Electric in the Northeast, and currently pays the bills in the Lower East Side of Manhattan -don’t ask how many people live in the apartment, or in my bedroom for that matter- where I reside. Between memorable lyrics, dark humor, impeccable hygiene, and tax-free access to pharmaceuticals it’s highly unlikely that you will actively regret attending one of my shows. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find a show near you!

This August I will be releasing one EP each week for my new series “Songs Unsuitable For The General Public.” Each EP will only be available until the release of the next, and all will be posted here:

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